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***First time in the history of FOREX AUTO TRADING***

# A ROBOT that Automatically Optimizes its TRADING LOGIC

# A ROBOT which is just to multiply your money as it can adapt any Market Condition

This is so Because :

  • It's 15 technical indicators predict trading signals perfectly.

  • AugurForex is an output of 11 years of intensive research of our expertise technical team

  • Only best trades are carried out - It contains a comprehensive mathematical formula that takes care of the signals of every trade done by AugurForex EA

  • AugurForex Robot manages trades in unfavourable market by hedging

  • It is a Real Profit Generator Robot

  • You can set Risk Percentage so that your account remains always safe

  • AugurForex EA is fully automated so no need of any human intervention. It can automatically calculate lots size depending upon the risk percentage, you may setup fixed Lot Size also

Verified AugurForex performance on current running trading account

If you get frustrated with the Forex market;
AugurForex is just for you
It will provide you assured profit and
Infact it will increase your trading account as well as your trust in the market

  • AugurForex works on MT4 platform

  • AugurForex works with all forex broekrs MT4 who are allowing hedging

  • Recommended time frame is M1 (Minute 1) although you may trade at any time frame

  • Recommended currency pair is EURUSD

  • This EA is most suitable for all traders

  • You don't need to have any expertise

  • You just have to set it on your MT4 terminal and see how AugurForex will start working like a PRO on your Trading account

  • Just see the following live account, that how it will trade and grow your account.

Installation of AugurForex is very easy and will take less than a minute.

Don't Forget "TIME IS MONEY"

Order AugurForex EA now
just for $299 only



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